Service Sinistre Outaouais is well known in the Gatineau region, where it has been a trusted name since its founding in 2001.


When called to a disaster at a home or business, our role is to protect the scene, support and reassure victims, and restore the site to its previous condition.

We Understand Client Needs and Expectations

At Service Sinistre Outaouais, we are not content to simply do our job. We want to exceed client expectations by offering the full benefit of our experience. We’re aware that one of their main expectations is to return to normal life as soon as possible. We also know that insurance companies want the work done by trusted professionals and the claims settled without delay.

80 Dedicated Specialists

Our 80 disaster response, decontamination, cleanup, construction, renovation, appraisal, project management, and client service specialists seek nothing less than the full satisfaction of all clients and their insurers.


To this end, we conduct an annual review of response techniques and procedures, take part in various professional development courses, and keep our equipment up to date and state of the art.

Service Sinistre Outaouais, a Trusted Partner for Insurers

Want a trusted partner to provide fast and professional disaster recovery services to your Gatineau and Outaouais clients? Service Sinistre Outaouais is the clear choice.


Our dynamic and client-centred team is always seeking new ways to improve and ensure customer satisfaction.


Want to learn about us?
If you work in an insurance claims department and wish to know more about Service Sinistre Outaouais, feel free to contact our president, Jean-François Léger, directly at 819-663-1014.